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Welcome to Auto Lock Unlimited

We welcome you to our on-line office. We hope that your journey here has been an easy one and trust that you will find all that you are looking for.

We are a full service repossession agency serving all of Connecticut. We strive to maintain a level of excellence to better serve you, our valued customer. With over ten years of service, we have the knowledge and professional reclamation systems necessary to locate and reclaim your collateral quickly, safely and cost effectively. We are aware that time is of the essence as your collateral is depreciating on a daily basis. We are sufficiently staffed with professional personnel who have a vast number of years in the recovery industry. We are adequately insured and bonded with the best in the business to protect both you and us against any and all accidents and work very hard to avoid any litigation.

When you consider our insurance, bonding, new equipment, modern storage facilities, experience and the professional staff we employ, you will find that our fees are extremely competitive in the industry. MOST importantly we deliver what you want . . . results!

Any Questions? Please feel free to contact us at 860.282.0065
Or you may contact us via E-mail at: